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Live As Fire is dedicated to helping people live their lives with purpose and passion. While there is a personal story that led to the creation of this site and community, what is important–what drives us–is helping you and others live your fulfilling stories.

Live is the most important word in “Live As Fire”.

  • Before we can help some people live with purpose and passion, we must try to keep them from extinguishing their own fire.
  • According to the CDC, suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in 2014 at 42,773 (CDC data on Suicide and Self-inflicted injury link and cited stats updated on Feb. 17, 2017).
  • To do this, we provide content and links to external resources to help both people considering suicide and those who may know someone considering it.
  • We encourage our community to share content and resources because doing so may just allow it to be seen by someone who needs that information/encouragement at just that moment.

As Fire is the metaphorical answer to “how do I live a fulfilling life?”

  • Fire thrives on change. It changes what it touches and changes itself. When it stops changing, it dies. Never stop changing and being changed.
  • Fire is light and warmth. You have the power to bring light to guide those struggling in darkness and warmth to those shivering in the cold.
  • Fire is energy.  Energy is contagious. You can touch someone’s life, fuel their fire, and help transform them. The potential chain-reaction can lead to things beyond your imagination.

We hope we can play a part in helping you Live As Fire. We encourage you to participate in our community by commenting, sharing your stories, helpful resources, and feedback. And if you find something of value on this site or via our social media, please share it with others who may find it helpful.

Thank you for visiting.


Warmest Regards,

Howard Slacum

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