Mental Health & Crisis Intervention

Is your fire being blown-out?

May 26, 2017 Howard Slacum 0

Somewhere along the way these past few years, obstacles went from demoralizing me to motivating me. setbacks stopped derailing me and became encouraging course corrections. challenges stopped being overwhelming and became enjoyable puzzles to solve. […]

Graffiti Monster Eating Human
Civil Rights, Social Action & Advocacy

My Friends are Human–Really

March 1, 2017 Howard Slacum 0

My challenges with being a painfully shy and socially inept kid were magnified by socio-economic circumstances. From my early years of being poor and often struggling with lice, boils, pink eye and just stinking to […]

Opinion / Editorial

Benevolence as seen by a child

February 23, 2017 Howard Slacum 0

We were hungry, my older brothers and I. This was normal during my first three years in East Texas. But on one particular evening when I was about 8, that hunger led to a profound […]